FALL 2019




Competitive Boys Team AND Competitive Girls Team

The competitive teams are designed for high school age rowers. The team will train five mornings each week and participate in local and out-of-state regattas. The team will compete in USRowing events at the varsity and novice level.

Level of commitment Attendance at practices and regattas is mandatory

Practices Monday through Friday 6:00AM - 7:30AM

Dates  SEPTEMBER 3, 2019 - OCTOBER 18, 2019

Boys’ Coach Tris Coburn

Girls’ Coach Amy Wilton

Regatta fees are included in the pricing.* Rowers will be required to purchase uniforms.

*There will be a $5.00 Maine Rowing Association fee for rowers signing up for the Megunticook Regatta, September 8. Learn more here. Regatta fees are included in the pricing except for Meg Regatta the MRA fee is $5.


The following instructions and links are provided to guide you through the registration process.


We require all rowers to have a USRowing waiver. Waivers are needed in order to compete in USRowing-hosted and -sanctioned events, as well as to be covered by insurance that comes with the membership. A Basic Membership to USRowing is required for this waiver.  The Basic Membership fee is $9.95.   If you are a new member to USRowing,  click “Individual.” Enter the Club Code  C6V3L If you are an existing member, click “Members.”  You will receive confirmation that your membership in USRowing is complete. You will receive a USRowing Membership Number, and the expiration date (one year from the start date)for your membership. Write these two numbers down as you will need them to complete your registration form and at checkout. Click https://membership.usrowing.org


Megunticook Rowing’s priority is SAFETY FIRST. This is a very informative video to anyone who participates in an on-the-water sport, and therefore a requirement of our program. Click here to watch. http://archive.usrowing.org/Safety/SafetyVideo

Once you have completed the above steps, click on the REGISTRATION FORM below.



Megunticook Rowing seeks to assure that all rowers have the opportunity to participate, regardless of financial means. To that end, Megunticook Rowing awards financial aid based on the following criteria: financial need, commitment, attendance, length of participation with the club and volunteer service. The Committee will rely on our coaches’ recommendations regarding commitment, attendance and length of participation. All information provided on the application is confidential, and will be reviewed only by the Megunticook Rowing Financial Aid Committee. Please click on the FINANCIAL AID FORM BUTTON before completing the registration form.