Equipment Use SEASON Pass

Equipment Use SEASON Pass



The Equipment Use Season Pass allows you to use the Megunticook Rowing equipment from May 15 to Docks Out [late October]. Participants must be 18 or older and must pass the Safety Certification. Single and double shells may be used when they are not scheduled for the Learn to Row classes between 7:00-10:30 am.  Cold Water Rowing protocols must be used in the shoulder seasons.



USROWING Safety video

Complete Safety Certification if you are not on the Approved Equipment Use list 

Sign in/out at the oar rack boathouse log book 

Wear a PFD, there are 4 blue waist belts PFD in one of the blue plastic tubs 

In cold weather or rough water, for safety, stay close to shoreline (2-3 boat lengths max). If it windy, do not row. The May water temp is about 44 deg! 

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