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MASTER’S learn to row level 2




This class is designed for the adult rower who has had some rowing experience [or who has completed level 1], and who would like to deepen their skills through group lessons and coaching. The interest can be in recreational and competitive rowing.

Level 2 Rowers  can expect to work on their technique, body position, and blade work in single sex and/or mixed pairs or quads to enhance their skills. Opportunity to learn sweep rowing and the technique, body position, and blade work required for single oar rowing will take place as interest and the summer progresses. 

The ultimate goal for Masters is to get out on the water, have fun, and create a lifelong passion for the sport of rowing with safety and community at the heart of it all. 

Summer of 2019 schedule offers classes every Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Initially, we will be offering 12 openings in each class. We row out of Barrett’s Cove on Megunticook Lake in Camden. Use the scheduling application below to sign up and purchases classes.

To accommodate adult’s schedules, you may sign up for as many classes as you like.


CLOTHING: Comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit wet - more form fitting [not bulky], preferably a dri-fit material instead of cotton.

SWIM TEST: We can have you do a swim test at the lake, or make arrangements to do the swim test at the local YMCA. To schedule a swim test, email

USROWING WAIVER: We require all rowers to have a USRowing waiver. Waivers are needed in order to compete in USRowing-hosted and -sanctioned events, as well as to be covered by insurance that comes with the membership. A Basic Membership to USRowing is required for this waiver.  The Basic Membership fee is $9.95.   If you are a new member to USRowing,  click “Individual.” Enter the Club Code  C6V3L If you are an existing member, click “Members.”  You will receive confirmation that your membership in USRowing is complete. You will receive a USRowing Membership Number, and the expiration date (one year from the start date)for your membership. Write these two numbers down as you will need them to complete your registration form and at checkout. Click

USROWING SAFETY VIDEO: Megunticook Rowing’s priority is SAFETY FIRST. This is a very informative video to anyone who participates in an on-the-water sport, and therefore a requirement of our program. Click here to watch.


We offer classes by-the-class. To make your selection, click on the date/time you would like. To add additional classes, click “add a time.” After you have selected as many classes as you would like, click “continue” to complete the registration and check out.