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Megunticook Rowing is a nonprofit community rowing organization dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing for people of all ages. We row out of Barrett’s Cove on beautiful Megunticook Lake in Camden, Maine. The name Megunticook has its genesis with the Penobscot Abenaki Indians who called the area Megunticook, which means "great swells of the sea.” We are so fortunate to call the pristine waters of Lake Megunticook our home.

Having just celebrated our 10 year anniversary, we appreciate how much rowing gained a foothold in Midcoast Maine. Our youth program in particular has grown considerably. It is so inspiring to see our young rowers, at the break of dawn, giving it everything they have on the water. Whether in 4s or 8s, singles, doubles or quads, these kids embrace the rigor, discipline and pure grit of this sport. There are so many benefits of rowing:mental and physical discipline, improved communication skills, commitment to teamwork, and the excitement of competition and all experienced on the waters of beautiful Megunticook Lake, surrounded by the Camden Hills. The lifelong benefits and gifts of rowing are immeasurable. Talk to any adult who has rowed earlier in life, or even one who started in mid-life!

And speaking of adults, rowing is not just for kids! Megunticook Rowing has a growing contingent of adult rowers whose “happy place” is “oars in the water on Megunticook Lake.” Rowing has no upper age limit. Don’t know how to row? Our Learn-To-Row program will get you on the water! Rowing is an opportunity for a full body workout, a new meditation, immersed in the beauty of nature, accompanied by like-minded friends. Feeling competitive? Yes, Regattas are for adults too! Our annual Megunticook Regatta brings rowers in from near and far!

Megunticook Rowing is a volunteer-powered organization. Rowing is a detail, logistics, labor-intensive sport. It requires full community engagement to get our rowers on the water. We are committed to safety, learning, and fun. Our volunteers bring countless hours, attention to detail, willingness and readiness to step up and help. Our coaches and boatman bring skill, experience, passion, and dedication. Our donors, community and corporate, share generous support. Many parts make the whole work.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Megunticook Rowing’s mission is to make rowing accessible to the entire community. We welcome all, regardless of age or ability, from near and from far, to join us on the water. Come row with us!


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We offer learn to row, recreational and competitive rowing programs for youth age 12+up



We offer learn to row instruction, recreational rowing and competitive options if you want to take it to the next level.



Summer is the best time to get on the waters of Megunticook Lake! Join us for learn to row, or purchase a 12 row pass and row throughout the summer.



Stay in shape over the winter with our indoor erging program. Build endurance and strength while the ice is on Megunticook Lake.


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An experience like nothing else
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the implicit value

Why row?  What exactly is it about rowing?  Rowers, both young and old, appreciate the obvious health benefits, the discipline of practice, the sense of camaraderie, the thrill of competition and the beauty of nature. You will also hear about the bigger conversation - how rowing cultivates cooperation, proves service toward the greater good, builds autonomy, interdependence, mastery and leadership, commitment and loyalty, emotional intelligence and compassion, and environmental stewardship. These are lifelong lessons and skills. Megunticook Rowing fosters an opportunity for community building. We strive, through all aspects of our program, to nurture a culture of inclusion, personal integrity, perseverance, as well as accountability for each individual to oneself, the team, and the organization as a whole.  We value generous sportsmanship, healthy competition, and community.  Whether you are near or far, we welcome you to join us!

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please join us at megunticook rowing

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